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Merry Meet and Welcome!

Cheif Jonathan Coven has generations of experience in witchcraft and psychic readings.

Introducing Chief Jonathan, a family with a rich heritage dating back to the mid-fifteenth century. Our lineage of witches predates the birth of America, and we have honed our craft over generations. As a united coven, we possess a remarkable shorthand that enables us to achieve our goals swiftly. Put simply, the spells we cast are incredibly potent and defy verbal description. Believe it or not, we have mastered the art of weaving extraordinary magic.

Why Are You Here?

If you have found us, there is no question that you have needs. And there is nothing wrong with that. We are all human and we all have needs…

Cheif Jonathan Coven has generations of experience in witchcraft and psychic readings.

No matter why you are here, we want you to know that it is okay to need a little help sometimes. And we want to learn about your situation, and offer you whatever help we can.

That said, we encourage you to read more about our coven’s story, and we would love to hear your story too.

We are here for you and we look forward to seeing your email!

Blessed Be,

~Cheif Jonathan

Why Choose Cheif Jonathan Witches?

Cheif Jonathan has helped over 2000 customers achieve their happily ever after! 

Cheif Jonathan has been around a really long time. In this time, we have learned a lot in terms of what is efficient, expedient, and overall sturdy for spellwork. We have developed some of the most rock-solid, trustworthy techniques in the world. Our devotion to our clients is one of the number one reasons people always come back. And with a happy customer base of more than two thousand people, we can confidently say that our spells work! Not only do they work, but they can be counted upon as permanent solutions. We use the strongest ingredients, most concentrated focus, aged and proven incantation techniques, and treat every spell as if it were for ourselves.

If you are looking for a genuine coven who will place your needs ahead of their own, Cheif Jonathan is happy to help!

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Getting spiritual assistance is no different than getting a haircut or taking out the trash: it is regular maintenance that provides for a better quality of life and happiness. Sometimes, we need to consult others with a little more skill or experience with a particular field of interest. The Ancient Wicks Witches Coven has generations of experience and want to give you the personalized attention and consideration that you deserve. And the best part? It is entirely free to message us! If you contact us today, we would be happy to give you a no-obligation, completely free consultation! All you have to do is reach out and tell us your story, and we hope you do!

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